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IxDA San Francisco 2017 Interaction Design Conference Note

On May 13th, 2017, IxDA brought Interaction17 ReDUX conference to San Francisco where design leaders from around the globe shared their insights, expertise, and speculations on how design informs our ever-evolving tec......


Snapberry - Help the Blind Hear the World

This is the 1st release of Snapberry, an individual homework @ IoT course in CMU.

The 2nd release will be the group work exploring more possibilities.


Snapberry is a Raspber......


Earth Day 2017 - April 22

Badge Get!

Protect the earth today and everyday! 😜

— Hongyang Wang, April 14, 2017


JavaScript Promises Study Notes

This article is the Udacity online course notes of JavaScript Promises by Google. The teacher of this course is Cameron Pittman.

Callbacks vs Thens

"The Promise object is used for ......


Sales & Marketing Machine Summary

Picture from David Skok Blog

Sales and Marketing Machine is a structured methodology addressing customer acquisition process by David Skok, this article is a short 2-page summary sheet for this......


Building CSS Grid Layout in Two Steps

Picture from egghead

Why do I feel excited about the new CSS grid?

CSS grid gives us a more natural coding experience than using float or flex for complex layout.

Grid-based web design can be......