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JavaScript Promises Study Notes

This article is the Udacity online course notes of JavaScript Promises by Google. The teacher of this course is Cameron Pittman.

Callbacks vs Thens

"The Promise object is used for ......


Building CSS Grid Layout in Two Steps

Picture from egghead

Why do I feel excited about the new CSS grid?

CSS grid gives us a more natural coding experience than using float or flex for complex layout.

Grid-based web design can be......


Console Log Big Emoji

I use console.log to debug JavaScript codes. It's a painful process as I said: it is debug. When bugs are found, console.log("Bugs, again") works and logs this in console: "Bugs, a......


React Study Notes

This is the React study notes I made when I started to learn React.

In the study process, I've learned from more than 20 tutorials & videos and collec......


Error Code Table for Error Handling

Codes and Script Folder

Code on Github

Note that: Error Handling code (scripts/errorHandling.js) is in Script folder, and all the error handling function are in this folder.

Error Code Table (New, all codes are based on this table)

Error Code

Error Message

Relevant Resources




Uber REST - Car, Driver, Passenger Entity

Codes and Files Structure

Github Code Repository

Uber REST designed before

Files Structure:

Result Visualization:Postman and Unit Test

Note that only Car entity’s sample codes are give......